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The portfolio of the services offered to our clients

Cryptocurrency Consulting

We provide advice and recommendations on cryptocurrencies according to the client’s requirements. We can advise you on issues ranging from cryptocurrency acquisition and safe custody to portfolio management. We explore new uses for different currencies and tokens. We provide consultations online or in Prague.


We are capable of arranging cryptocurrency purchases and sales. We buy and sell various cryptocurrencies for a contract fee of 1% above the market price. We can also advise you on the safe storage of your cryptocurrencies.

Portfolio Management

We help clients with setting up wallets, trading on exchanges, etc. We enable them to value their funds using our own channels. We offer custody and management of funds, sharing our investment strategy with clients, whereby the client has the final say in the investment allocation and withdrawal of funds throughout the contractual relationship.

Fundamental analysis of crypto and blockchain projects

Considering a larger investment in a lesser-known cryptocurrency?  Our experts will prepare a fundamental analysis for you.

Academia and publishing

Considering a larger investment in a lesser-known cryptocurrency? Are you preparing your own project and wondering whether to include your own cryptocurrency in the business model? We analyze existing cryptocurrencies and assist in the creation of new tokens. We prepare business plans using a unique method, SFC modeling.

Lectures and Workshops

We lecture and train on cryptocurrencies from an economic and technical point of view.We also provide specific lectures/workshops according to client requirements.


Bridging enables the transfer of tokens from one blockchain to another. The two blockchains may have different protocols, rules and governance models, but the bridge provides a compatible way for both sides to work together securely.

Design of tokenomics

New and new crypto-projects with their own token and tokenomics are created daily. In our opinion, quality tokenomics is crucial and can determine the future success or failure of a project. People buy tokens, not shares in a project as with stocks. That’s why we advise on creating tokenomics for your projects using unique methods such as SFC modelling.

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