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18. 08. 2020
Digital identities for EU citizens 18nd August 2020 The EU wants to provide its citizens with optional digital IDs. Some steps have already been conducted in this matter, namely eIDAS (1) or bank IDs in various member states [1]. The goal is to allow citizens to keep their data privately on a DLT wallet (referred to as Client Agent) and offer
22. 06. 2020
Golem network Check our latest analysis on Warengo. This one, we present in English. Golem Warengo
13. 05. 2020
Lectures on our YouTube channel We have been publishing recordings of our cryptocurrency and alternative currency lectures at the University of Economics in Prague. We are looking forward to your insights and comments. Altlift YouTube

Our Services

Blockchain solutions for the enhancement of your business

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Bitcoin and altcoin consultancy

We provide advisory services and consultancy on cryptocurrencies acccording to the needs of the client. We discover new possibilites of coins and tokens utilization. Due to the quarantine, we now offer online consulting.

Assistance with cryptocurrency portfolio establishment and management

We help our clients with starting a wallet, trading on exchanges etc. We allow them to increase the value of their investment using our own channels. We offer depositing and administration of the money. We share our investment strategy while the client disposes of his or her money the whole time. The client also decides how shall the portfolio be built.

Buying and selling cryptocurrencies

We perform buying and selling of various cryptocurrencies for a contractual fee.

Analyses and other assistance on crypto projects

We participate in projects related to crypto assets. We analyze existing cryptocurrencies and assist at new tokens' creation. We prepare business plans using a unique method - SFC modelling.

Lectures and workshops

We hold lectures on cryptocurrencies from both the economic and technical perspective. (University of Economics in Prague, Paralelni Polis, SatoshiTalks, Shangdong University of Finance and Economics in China, Future of Money in Bratislava…). We deliver tailored lectures/workshops for business clients.

Scientific papers and texts

We provide expertise for the media on the topic of cryptocurrencies (current events, analyses, history, principles etc.) and we prepare scientific papers (as authors or co-autors) on alternative currencies, or we give reviews on those.

Ing. Mgr. Jakub Jedlinský Ph.D.

Jakub Jedlinsky teaches about Monetary systems focusing on alternative currencies at the University of Economics in Prague. He has been involved with cryptocurrencies since 2013. He specializes in fundamental analysis of coins and application of DLT. Jakub tests how money works using SFC models. He learned that during a research stay at Kingston University London under the supervision of Prof. Steve Keen. He is the CTO of Altlift.
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Ing. František Kudrna

Frantisek Kudrna, the CFO of Altlift, started with cryptocurrencies in the beginning of 2016. He is interested in practical usage of coins in real life together with blockchain’s applications as a trustless solution in both financial and non-financial industries. Frantisek draws from his lasting experience in the fields of industrial automation and real estate for the growth of Altlift.
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Bc. Diana Vacíková

Diana Vacíková is a COO, CMO and co-founder of Altlift. She has a degree from applied mathematics. She has gained experience in international corporations like Robert Bosch or Allianz. Diana specializes in marketing and labor organization, she also  participates in fundamental analyses. Her vision is to use cryptocurrencies in hotel management oriented on digital nomads.
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About Us

Altlift will find an optimal blockchain solution for your business. We also educate about DLT and cryptoassets and help our clients with portfolio management. We focus on fundamental analysis of perspective altcoins, beside other services. We excel at designing new currencies and applications. We offer lectures and workshops for schools, banks, companies, individuals, and other subjects.
The cryptocurrency industry includes many types of new and innovative digital assets. Cryptoassets differ from other digital currencies because all transactions are secured with cryptography and decentralized networks. In the first time in history, they allow us to dispose of a value in an electronic form without the need for a trusted third party. This groundbreaking technology is accompanied by many lucrative earning opportunities.

Blockchain solutions for your business

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