More info about the fund

Download a brochure detailing the benefits of investing in the Altlift Digital Assets Fund.

Altlift hereby gives notice that the Altlift Digital Assets Fund (the “Fund”) is a venture fund suitable only for qualified investors (as defined under Dutch law) in accordance with the Fund’s Information Memorandum. The value of an investment in the Fund may go down as well as up and the return of the amount originally invested is not guaranteed. The performance of the Fund in previous periods does not guarantee the same or better performance in the future. An investment in the Fund is intended to provide a return over the medium and long term and is therefore not suitable for short-term speculation. Prospective investors should particularly consider the specific risks that may arise from the Fund’s investment objectives as set out in the Information Memorandum. The investment objectives are reflected in the recommended investment horizon as well as the fees and expenses of the Fund.

The information provided is for information purposes only and does not constitute a proposal to invest, a proposal to enter into a contract or a public offering under the provisions of applicable law.

The Fund is incorporated under Dutch law and registered in the list maintained by the Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets (the “AFM”) under the management of Richfox Capital Investment Management B.V., with registered office at Keizersgracht 62, 1015 CS, Amsterdam, the Netherlands (the “Manager”). The Manager is registered in the list maintained by the AFM as a sub-adviser in accordance with Article 3 of the AIFMD.

More information regarding the Fund is available upon request at