1. The Tariff list of Altlift, s.r.o. (hereinafter also referred to as the Company) determines the amount of the Brokers’ fees and is also an annex to the Brokerage Contract.
  2. The Tariff list is valid until a new Tariff list is announced. Its current version is published on the website altlift.cz/en/tariff-list/.
  3. For arranging the conclusion of the Individual Cryptoasset Management Agreement, the Broker is entitled to a fee as a share of the Company’s profits realized under each such agreement, at the rate of 7.5%.
  4. A double remuneration of 15% is due to the Broker under both 3) and 4) if the Broker himself/herself has a valid Individual Cryptoasset Management Agreement with Altlift, s.r.o.. and Altlift, s.r.o.. manages at least CZK 100,000 in their assets.
  5. The maximum amount of fees paid under 3), 4), and 5) for a particular client is capped at 30% of the difference between the total amount of deposits and the total amount of withdrawals of that client. Once the above ceiling is reached, the Intermediary is not entitled to any further remuneration for that client.
  6. The Broker is entitled to a fee of 7.5% of Altlift’s remuneration for arranging the exchange (or purchase or sale of cryptoassets), unless otherwise agreed with the Broker.
  7. For the mediation of analysis, design, or audit of tokenomics or business plan or consultation, the Intermediary is entitled to a fee of 7.5% of Altlift, s.r.o.’s remuneration, unless otherwise agreed with the Intermediary.
  8. The Company reserves the right to unilaterally change this Tariff list.