Our analytic services

Fundamental analyses

  • Preliminary
  • (5 manhours)
  • The preliminary fundamental analysis is a pilot screening. It gives the first clue whether the token/coin is a good asset, e.g. for short-run speculation. The preliminary analysis can help you decide to invest in a deeper fundamental analysis. In such a case, we will deduct the price you have already paid, of course.
  • Detailed
  • (18 manhours)
  • The detailed fundamental analysis helps you to orientate in the technology of the given coin, in its pros and cons. In this analysis, we focus on the main ideas and risks (red flags). It is the optimal choice for those who consider a 10k’s Euro investment in a particular cryptocurrency. It includes a comparative analysis of competing DLT projects.
  • Example of a detailed analysis
  • Thorough
  • (50 manhours)
  • The thorough analysis contains all previous analyses and goes deeper. We assess the marked red flags critically, even through practical testing of the proposed functionalities. We join the discussions of the cryptocurrency’s communities at various channels, and if needed, we contact the developers.

Composition of our portfolio and real time signals

  • We establish a group chat on Telegram, where we share all the info.
  • We share our portfolio strategy, including the exact percentual composition of coins.
  • We send all signals concerning new fundaments or our trading. That includes a brief explanation of why we conducted each trade. Every time we notice an opportunity or a problem, you will be immediately informed.


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